Design bindings


A Book of Mediterranean Food and Other Writingsby Elizabeth David
Bound 2006

Full blue morocco with blind tooling & lettering which forms a map
of The Mediterranean with paper and leather onlays. Created overlapping
images by layered watercolour papers and Tengujo. Leather doublures with
paper inlays and Tengujo onlays. Hand worked headbands in blue
and brown with hand coloured edges. Endpapers of calf suede. 
Private collection.


The Somme: An Eyewitness History
The Folio Society, 2007

Bound in brown parchment (natural grain) and dark brown morocco.
Some parts of reverse transfer print of poppy field are showing through
cut-outs imitating the map of trench in the battle which is now poppy field.
Made endpapers in parchment paper printed backside. Hand painted
paper doublures inlaid with strips of printed paper. Endbands made of
leather cores covered in printed Usumino. Exhibited at John
Rylands Library in Manchester in December 2007.
In private collection.


Selected Poems
by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Bound 2009

Full orange goatskin with western tinted and burnt edge handmade paper
and sky blue goatskin only. Tinted and decorated western handmade paper doublers
and endpapers. Manuscript by binder, words taken from Coleridge’s poems
and letters to his friend Wordsworth. Edge painted and words
scratched into papers. Hand-worked endbands.


The Lure of the Label 
by Brian North Lee
Bound in 2008

Non-adhesive limp vellum binding, sewn on printed parchment tapes.
Printed doublures and endpapers.

salome cover

by Oscar Wilde
Bound in 2007

Full dark green morocco with recessed parchment onlay. Gold tooling.

Marquez cover

Strange Pilgrims
by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Bound in 2006

Full parchment Bradel binding with dark navy headcaps. Handprinted underlay image.